What is the “all or nothing” mindset? It is living your life with no grey areas; it is one way or another. Often times, people who deal with this are dealing with anxiety or depression. Everything you see, think about, imagine, hear is an extreme. You use words like “everything”, “always”, “can’t”, “never”, etc. […]

My Client Lost 16lbs and 20 inches in 1 month

No fad dieting, no extreme exercise programming, no cutting out of her favorite foods! I assume you: 1. Saw the subject and asked yourself “HOW DID SHE DO THAT?!” 2. Second guessed yourself because you are making yourself believe “I couldn’t have results like that, I am not motivated enough.” 3. You are curious how […]

Why Exercise ALONE WILL NOT Give You The Results You Are Looking For

We have all heard the saying, “you can NOT out exercise a bad diet”… and I know you probably roll your eyes when you hear this but it’s true and extremely important to touch on for those who say nothing is working, yet are spending an hour + in the gym daily; please keep reading. […]

Sick of Dieting?

Sick of “dieting”? If you are like a majority of women who desire fat loss, a shapely body and a healthy lifestyle…you have most likely been through the ringer at some point trying every diet known to man… have experienced eating 1200 freaking calories a day and seeing no results, and found yourself “restarting” every […]

Healthified Chocolate Bark

  “Healthified” chocolate bark       When I was in my restrictive eating phase all “treats” were OFF LIMITS. I was as strict as you could ever imagine, but that is literally no way to live. I used to think a piece of chocolate was going to “DESTROY my progress”, or eating off “plan” […]

What NOT to do after a weekend “didn’t go as planned”

  You see that photo above? When I see this photo, I simply see 1 thing: a cookie.   What is the first thought that comes to your mind?   A past version of me years ago would have looked at this and had negative thoughts from the get go; -“I can’t have that if […]

Here’s My Story

Hello! I am so excited you are here. I firstly, want you to know that my site is a place of community, love, positivity, growth (both physically, mentally and emotionally), and a way for other goal driven health and fitness junkies to come together! I figured what a perfect time to introduce myself and tell […]