The Most Frequently Asked Questions


I would say the biggest struggle I hear from you say is that you deal with inconsistency. Is this you?


Really the biggest struggle is you don’t know HOW to be consistent! You know what it takes, but you don’t know HOW to apply it.


You decide to “go all in” by cutting out sugar, or processed foods completely and it ends up lasting for 1-2 days, maybe a week! Next thing you know you fall off and go back to your old ways because you dive too deep in.


Or, maybe you are working out a few times a week and on a great schedule, and your nutrition is 80% on track, but you find yourself struggling to keep health and fitness a well rounded lifestyle, keeping you from enjoying vacations, weekends or holidays. During these celebratory times, you tend to “go all out” because you reward yourself for being good the rest of the time.


Maybe you are someone who thrives on routine and you are a perfectionism. You have a great schedule down like the guy above, but the second that routine gets out of whack or you have to eat out when unplanned, or workout for 20 minutes rather than 60, you stress OUT.


With any situation you are finding yourself in above, you can get out, trust me! It really comes down to consistency and mastering the SKILLS that allow you to not give up when the going gets tough. It isn’t about being perfect. That is NOT realistic.


Last night, we talked all about my TOP TIPS to become more consistent. These are ESSENTIAL tools I myself and my clients utilize every single DAY and you should too.


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-McKenna O

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