What is the “all or nothing” mindset?

It is living your life with no grey areas; it is one way or another.

Often times, people who deal with this are dealing with anxiety or depression.

Everything you see, think about, imagine, hear is an extreme.

You use words like “everything”, “always”, “can’t”, “never”, etc. These are “absolute” words. They can be self defeating or self sabatoging.

It gives you the sense of nothing being adjustable; everything is “stuck” as it is, in the mind of someone dealing with this.

This is quite dangerous, as it prohibits you from being able to see the positives in situations and solutions to your problems. This can be detrimental in a lto of scenerios but especially when trying to physically transform & overcome the obstacles in your way.

I lived a lot of my life with the “all-or-nothing” mindset.

It pushed me to work hard as physically possible but it hurt more more times than it didn’t.

I felt like a failure because I knew my capabilities.

When I know my capabilities I want to reach my full potential & get there as fast as I can.

If I ever showed signs of NOT reaching that potential and knowing I had more in me to give, yet didn’t, I made myself RESTART and RESTART until I was perfect.

This was a vicious cycle and caused me to BURN-OUT & RESENT what I was doing….

I didn’t allow myself to show up as anything but “perfect” because I knew people knew “what I did” and how “I lived” & I also knew what I expected of myself—PERFECTION.


The moment I let go of the perfectionist mindset, I was so much happier…

This took letting go of my ego-which wasn’t easy, when I thought I didn’t have one.

I realized I can STILL progress and be a normal human who makes mistakes from time to time…

My mistakes don’t define me or determine my worth..

I finally was FREE of the constant nagging pressure to be perfect.

I finally was LIVING.

If you have ever struggles with perfectionism…you aren’t alone. It is EXHAUSTING &  unrealistic.

My advice: Stop being a prisoner to perfectionism, and start accepting you will make mistakes along your journey but those mistakes will never define or weaken you!

Mistakes=learning experiences, NOT failures.

-McKenna O

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