Are you sick of the yo-yo dieting? Sick of feeling like you have to be “all or nothing” in order to see physical progress? Sick of hating life because of extreme dieting protocols?

I have been in your shoes. I’ve dieted at LOW calories (1000-1200) for years trying to be the smallest possible being I could be, In the moments I was the smallest and leanest, I also was the most unhappy in my life. I was absolutely miserable.

THOUGHT The ONLY way to achieve fat loss is to do 2 hours of cardio a day, NEVER STRAY from the same 5 foods, NEVER enjoy a treat, and live in the gym.

¬†KNOWS & teaches: Fat loss does not require extreme. You by no means have to spend hours upon hours in the gym everyday to see results. If you are HATING life… you are doing something wrong. You do not have to cut out whole food groups to see results and you can still enjoy a treat and see progress! Health and fitness is something that should fit into your life… not consume your life.

I now have the bless of coaching hundreds of people that have been in my shoes, overcome the “all or nothing” mentality toward health and fitness. I get to teach my clients how to achieve fat loss & MAINTAIN IT, used methods I use myself!

My 16 week 1 on 1 custom “DITCH THE DIET” program
is designed to help YOU:

MASTER sustainable fat loss through my methods to keep weight off for LIFE

Overcome the yo-yo dieting mentality & ditch the “all or nothing” mindset.

Create a better relationship with food by dismissing the labels of “good” or “bad”

Teach you the breakdown of macronutrients and their roles/functions

Teach you how to fit health and fitness INTO your life, not have it CONSUME your life; ultimately teach you how to live a healthy life without spending horus in the gym or restricting food!

This is perfect for you if you:

Struggle with yo-yo dieting; can’t seem to lose weight and keep it OFF

Deal with the “all or nothing” mindset

want to achieve positive body image

Find yourself restarting every week, AKA you find yourself frequently saying “diet starts Monday”

Need a workout program that fits your LIFESTYLE

Need personal accountability to reach your health and fitness goals!

are ready to INVEST in yourself to finally change your HABITS for LIFE!


You will overcome food labeling of “good and “bad and learn the breakdown of what food is made of.

You will learn to create healthy habits for life, enjoy healthy eating and make it your LIFESTYLE.

You will overcome food fear and master food freedom.

You will lean the strategies I & my clients have used to develop a positive mindset of self acceptance and self love BEFORE you transform.

You will know the proper steps to take to achieve fat loss, keep it off for LIFE, while still ENJOYING life and finally #ditchthediet


16 week 1 on 1 CUSTOM nutrition and/or workout program pertaining to you and your goals, personal stats, etc. (includes gym AND home workouts as NEEDED).

Custom supplement regimen per you and your goals.

Biweekly updates to workouts as well as nutrition (I offer my signature “macro meal plan” or a simple macro count for those experienced).

Weekly check-in’s to go over your progress, discuss what is or is not working in your program

Access to my private FB group where I hold weekly live streams discussing various topics.

My #ditchthediet Ebook which teahces what macronutrients are, their purpose, and HOW to track them via MyFitnessPal (This is not required to do but is an option).My “food exchange list”/grocery list, as well as exclusive recipes)

The ultimate level of support via email/training app and weekly phone check-in’s.

Healthy and fit does NOT mean 2 hours in the gym everyday, restriction and unenjoyable meals..

Imagine… achieving sustainable fat loss, ditching the yo-yo diets for good and learning how to live a healthy active lifestyle enjoyably!

Now is the time to take control of your health and happiness

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens once I apply for coaching?

Once you apply, please select a time slot for an interview via Zoome or a phone call. This call is soley to make sure I as your coach and the program are a right fit for you. This will also give you a chance to ask any questions you may have about the program.

How does the program work?

Once you are accepted onto my team as a #MHfitness member, you will be sent a “Get to know you” form via email. Once this is filled out and sent back to me, your program will be ready in 5-7 days. I will take my time when creating plans, as each program is completely custom to your needs. Once your program is sent to you, we will schedule a time to talk to go over your program in detail!

Do you cater to vegans, or gluten/dairy free/specific dietary needs?

YES. My programs are completely custom. When you fill out your form you will need to specifiy any dietary restrictions or preferences.

Do you require me to count macros?

Not everyone is in the position to count macros, However, I do require you to learn about macro counting and macros in general as all food is composed of them and it is essential to have the knowledge of what our food is made up of.
I do offer a one time macro count for those wanting to create their own custom meal plans. You can find this under “Programs”.