My Client Lost 16lbs and 20 inches in 1 month

No fad dieting, no extreme exercise programming, no cutting out of her favorite foods!

I assume you:

1. Saw the subject and asked yourself “HOW DID SHE DO THAT?!”

2. Second guessed yourself because you are making yourself believe “I couldn’t have results like that, I am not motivated enough.”

3. You are curious how you can get started living a healthier lifestyle and lean down, without suffering, while still enjoying LIFE but you have no idea where to begin!

4.You feel OVERWHELMED with everyone pulling you in different directions and being unsure of WHAT is going to get you to reach your goals!

I feel you…I have been in the position of not knowing where, how and WHAT to do to see results! I have also been pulled in different directions and have learned I had to figure out the hard way that everyone’s bodies are different, therefore we all need individualized plans!

Though, one thing was the same across the board…that is that reaching your goals does NOT require suffering.

My client Charlotte, was able to lose over 16 lbs and over 20+ inches in 5 weeks by doing the following:

1. Paying attention to portions and incorporating more nutrient dense foods.

2. Incorporating exercise 2-3x a week and sometimes doing home workouts.

3. Focusing on establishing healthier habits, rather than eliminating the bad ones she already had.

4. Being consistent. (What I mean by this is, if she had an off day, or missed a few workouts, she did not “throw in the towel”. She rather decided she would commit to her goals the next day and MOVE ON.)

It is that simple…weight loss does not have to be restrictive. This is not to say it won’t take work, but if you are CONSISTENT, put effort forth and drop the excuses, you will SUCCEED.

These are all things we discuss in my 1-on-1 coaching program. I teach you how to develop healthy HABITS, a better relationship with food, and ultimately HOW to make fitness fit into your life, not make your life consumed with health and fitness.

My 1-on-1 “Ditch the diet” coaching program is full of AMAZING people making huge accomplishments weekly, not only physically but in every aspect of their lives because of their improved habits. THis program only opens back up every 3 months for application, but for those of you who are currently waiting to join, grab my “Basics to fat loss” ebook up in the right hand corner of my site (it says “join newsletter”.) This ebook will help you get started in the right direction. Don’t wait, either and get yourself on the “Ditch the diet” waiting list!

In my 1-on-1 program you will have the tools to yield results like charlotte did as shown below:


Hope you are ready to make the transformation of your freaking LIFETIME!


Feel free to also tune in at 7PM MNT to watch the LIVE training in our Facebook Group Community every Wednesday.


-McKenna O.

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