Why Exercise ALONE WILL NOT Give You The Results You Are Looking For

We have all heard the saying, “you can NOT out exercise a bad diet”… and I know you probably roll your eyes when you hear this but it’s true and extremely important to touch on for those who say nothing is working, yet are spending an hour + in the gym daily; please keep reading.

I want to ask you something else that goes along with that comment…

Have you ever met someone at the gym or anyone for that matter who works out regularly but NEVER CHANGES? It is almost ALWAYS due to their nutrition. You truly can NOT out exercise a bad diet. Nutrition, for the most part, is the absolute most difficult part to handle for the majority of people (a subject in which we will get into another day!)

Take this study for example:

In an analysis of over 700 DIFFERENT weight loss studies, it was found that the MOST fat loss results were found when dietary changes (more so HABITS) were made, VS. exercise alone. There were two types of groups of people; the exercisers (1) and people who payed attention to their nutrition (2). On average, the ones who focused on nutrition lost an average of 23 lbs in 15 weeks! The exercisers lost 6 lbs in 21 weeks. If this is not proof in itself, combined with my client Charlotte’s story from last week….I do not know what is! (Checkout my client Charlotte’s progress below; she lost 16 lbs & 20 inches in 1 month!) 

Now, do not undermine exercise, as it is very important, but without proper nutrition, you will NOT see the greatest fat loss. For proper fat loss, exercise should also be resistance training based. Rather than running your life away on the treadmill, spend that precious hour lifting weight and adding in body weight intervals to elevate your heart rate in between sets.This way, you are building muscle, increasing metabolism to give you the ability of burning more calories throughout the day. More muscle mass= more calories burned at rest.

Remember, before throwing in 5 days of workouts a week, START SMALL. Begin with making small changes to your diet/lifestyle choices in general. It isn’t about going “all-in”.

Remember, you have to change YOUR HABITS.

So you are probably thinking…what is the “secret sauce”? There is no secret sauce to fat loss, as it is not as complicated as people think, but there are habit changing tools I include in my 1-on-1 coaching program to help my clients achieve ultimate levels of fat loss!

Here are my top 3:

1. Strive for a more “balanced approach” to nutrition such as focusing more on incorporating more nutrient dense foods vs. eliminating certain foods. (Something I do know is that the moment you make “food rules” for yourself, you want the things you convince yourself you can not have.)

2. NEVER cut out a whole macronutrient (proteins, carbs or fats). Our bodies need all nutrients and the moment we cut out a whole food group, we (like stated above) will crave it more because eliminating will cause our bodies to be in deficient of it.

3. START SMALL. Make a small goal weekly such as incorporating veggies at your main meals (2-3x a day) and incorporating a form of exercise 2x a week. Once you have MASTERED these mini commitments, you can go ahead and make bigger ones to eventually get you to your big goal!

Remember…fat loss does not have to be complicated. You do NOT have to eliminate foods, or sugar, or your favorite hamburger or pizza joint! It is not about elimination and suffering. It is about BALANCE, modification from time to time and being AWARE of consumption. It is about combining daily movement with proper nutrition to yield LIFE LONG results.

This, my friends, is what my program all encompasses. Did this help you recognize the truth behind the saying “You can not out exercise a bad diet?” …I want to know.

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