What NOT to do after a weekend “didn’t go as planned”


You see that photo above? When I see this photo, I simply see 1 thing: a cookie.


What is the first thought that comes to your mind?


A past version of me years ago would have looked at this and had negative thoughts from the get go;

-“I can’t have that if I want to reach my goals”

-“That is full of so much loaded processed junk”

-“I already have had a “treat” this week, so I can’t have one even If I wanted to.”

-“Eating that will make me a failure”


I could go on. Basically, anything along the lines of “processed”, “sugar filled”, etc. I veered far from because It would make me a “failure”. Boy, was I wrong.


This only caused me to crave them more than usual & feel bad every time I would have the simplest taste.


1 cookie WILL NOT derail you. 1 cookie WILL NOT make you gain weight.

Eating processed foods such as a cookie will absolutely contribute to weight gain when It is consumed daily…as 1 cookie is equivalent to aprx. 250 cals. That is 250 cals out of the estimated 2000 cals you consume on average a day, and 14000 over the course of a week. But 1, here and there, is NOT an issue. STOP STRESSING!


Let’s be real, saying “no” to treats forever is just is not sustainable, so why even try to do it?


What I have learned over the years is there are NO off limit foods. Every food is equal, maybe not nutritionally, but you are allowed to have them all. Some offer more nutrition than others, obviously, and you shouldn’t eat cookies everyday, but you also shouldn’t say no every last time you want one. This is the WORST way to create a better relationship with food.


The moment I started allowing these things in my life here and there, I never had “cravings” anymore and actually learned to enjoy the moments I had those treats, rather than sitting in guilt after I had it and then over exercising to compensate.


The next time you want a cookie, stop and ask yourself, “is this worth it to me right now?” “Do I really want a cookie or am I simply hungry for a meal? “Will having this cookie fulfill my needs?” (If so, have it and move on. That simple!)


Be smart. Be mindful. Know that you don’t need these things daily, but here and there, they won’t kill you! They will only help you, especially mentally on your journey to establishing a better relationship with food!


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-McKenna O.

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