McKenna Olsen
Online Fitness Coach

Hi there! My name is McKenna Olsen. I am a personal trainer, nutrition and mindset coach, a
nationally qualified NPC bikini competitor and national bikini champion. I have the biggest
passion for health and fitness and I want to teach you how to make health and fitness a lifestyle,
as I have done for myself.

For years I suffered from chronic migraine headaches and was not implementing healthy habits!
When I began implementing healthier eating and consistent exercise, I was gaining muscle,
strength, energy and my chronic migraines I had suffered from for years were diminishing. I also
gained a new confidence that I never had before through extreme discipline in and out of the

A few short months later, I started working with my first coach to compete in my first bikini
competition only 6 month after I began weightlifting. I ended up placing top 3rd at my first bikini
show and later on competed 4 more times (5 in total), taking home a National title at only my 3rd
show! I was hooked, to say the least. Competing fulfilled me in the sense of self
accomplishment and discipline but that was about it.

No one knew that I was struggling with my relationship with food, having had a past of labeling
certain foods “good” or “bad” due to restrictive protocols I was put on at an early age and I knew
I had to ditch the dieting mentality. It was DESTRUCTIVE. It in turn took a toll on my emotional

and mental health. I was willing to do ANYTHING to stay at the lowest body fat percentage
possible. I was the smallest, leanest but also most unhappy I had been in my life.
It was a change for me to find balance in my nutrition and training after competing, as the sport
is extreme and I loved the challenge, though, I knew the strict requirements were not
maintainable for life. I knew there had to be another way & I wanted to make this a LIFESTYLE.
I began eating intuitively while tracking my intake during my first year of college. I slowly began
implementing “fear foods” each week, such as new carb sources, etc. After a while of
experimentation, I realized, I could eat so much more than the same 5 foods and STILL see
results! At this time I was studying Exercise Science at my University for 4 years and took
nutrition courses as well as did loads of self study. I learned that all food is simply made up of
three nutrients; protein, carbohydrates and fats. I learned that all food is ENERGY and offer
different nutritional value! This helped me to realize that there are no “good” or “bad” foods. This
was pivotal for me.

As I continued my studies at University, I wanted to teach people to DITCH the dieting mentality,
as I had. I wanted people to understand that this also was my lifestyle to exercise consistently
and fill my meals with nutrient dense foods. This was not a 4 week quick fix to fat loss. Over the
past 4 years, I have been able to show hundreds of clients that it doesn’t take extremes to see
results. Living a healthy life should by enjoyable and you CAN break free from the yo yo dieting

I feel so blessed to be able to help you make physical changes, mindset shifts and find the
confidence you are seeking. Most of all, it is so fulfilling to help you learn that healthy lifestyles
should not be dreadful, but rather enjoyable, and teach you how I have gotten to where I am
today with my methods! Let’s #ditchthediet !